5 Best Trekking shoes under 3000 in India


It’s a hard truth that you can’t ignore. If you are trekking in Indian, maybe trekking in Himachal or trekking in Uttarakhand there is one thing that can make or break your trek experience.

And that is your trekking shoes.

Trust me I have been there when I have to walk for 10-15 km on a trek and my shoe was killing me

because I was not wearing proper trekking shoes. If you can’t walk on a trek, this is the end of your experience.


I am here to give you a little relief because there are trekking shoes that you can buy at a very affordable price.


What are the best trekking shoes in India under 3000/-?

If your budget is under 2000/- then you can check out our previous post where we listed 10 Best Trekking shoes under 2000

So let’s take a look at, what trekking shoes we can get in 3000/- in India.

1- Wildcraft Men’s Trail – Best Trekking Shoes


Available for 2995/-

Wildcraft is a well know brand in India for trekking gears and trekking shoes. You can easily pick up their starting range of trekking shoes which is available right below 3000/-

check more product details here.

2- Red Chief Men’s – Best trekking shoes


Available for 2661/-

Another popular boots brand in India is Red Chief and the also have some nice starting range trekking boots that will cost you below 3000/-

check the details of this one here.

3- Hannea Men Fashion Patchwork – Best Trekking shoes


Available for 2055/-

Next in the list is a lesser known company but the design of this trekking shoe and at this price point is an eye-catching deal. I love that they have a really nice looking ankle support as well.

check the details of this boots here.

4- Redchief Men’s Leather – Best trekking shoes 


Available for 2545/-

Redchief is a brand that makes beautiful boots and good to see that they have a starting range right below 3000/-

The best part about Redchief boots is that you can not just wear them on the trek but they look amazing while wearing in daily routine.

Check the details of this boot here.

5- Zhuotop Mens Hiking – Best Trekking Shoes


Another lesser know brand is next in the list. The best things I found about these shoes is that they are not just under 3000/-

but they have high ankle support and also they have a really nice looking base pattern, Which will help us get a good grip while trekking.

check the details about it here.

If you know anything better then do let us know in the comments. We would love to make this list longer and better.

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What are the best shoes for trekking?

Some of the best performing trekking and hiking shoes are: Salomon Men’s Hiking Shoes X Ultra 2 GTX, The North Face Ultra 109 GTX, Adidas Terrex Fast R Gore-Tex, Adidas Outdoor Terrex Free Men’s Hiker Boot, Altra Men’s Lone Peak 3, Salomon Men’s X Ultra 2

Which is the best trekking shoes in India?

Best trekking shoes in India are:
Wildcraft Men’s Trail. Red Chief Men’s trekking shoes. Hannea Men Fashion Patchwork Trekking shoes. Redchief Men’s Leather trekking shoes. Zhuotop Mens Hiking Trekking Shoes.

Are Woodland shoes good for trekking?

Woodland shoes are not made for trekking. They just make high ankle boots that can be used for short or weekend treks, also they are a bit heavy for longer treks. We would recommend going with brands which are specialized in trekking shoes only.

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