Bhrigu Lake Trek


Bhrigu Lake Trek Details:

Trekking Region:- Himachal
Trekking Duration:- 4 Days
Trekking Grade:- Easy
Trekking Max Altitude:- 14,000 Ft.
Approx Trekking Km:- 25 Kms.

Bhrigu Lake Trek Gallery:


Bhrigu Lake Trek Itinerary:

Bhrigu Lake Trek Day 1: Reach Gulaba
Adventure initiates from Manali, on the Rohtang Pass Road toward the little slope niche village of Gulaba. Three slopes towards Kolang, Palchan, and Kothi mark the way, and it gets increasingly more delightful with pine timberlands as we go. 
Snow secured rises encompass the little region pleasantly. Sweet fields washed over by the waterway of Beas would make phenomenal edges at Gulaba, just if the Rohtang travel swarm wasn’t there. 

After lunch at the town, we pursue a short trek, close about 1.5 hours to our first camp in the meadows nearing a timberland line. 
The trek is a finished joy and no hardships, exploring through the conifers shade dim and profound, and inevitably going to an open clearing.

Bhrigu Lake Trek Day 2: Gulaba to Rola Kholi
Start your trek for Rohlikohli campground and climb till Rohlikohli which will take around 5-6 hours. There are two streams while in transit to the campground (Chor Nallah and Kohli Nallah). 
Rohli Kohli is a lovely campground and offers stunning perspectives of Solang Valley. 
Medium-term remains in tents at Rohli Kholi Camp Site.
 Bhrigu Lake Trek Day 3: Rola Khuli to Bhrigu Lake and back to Rola Khuli
Bhrigu Lake rests between two high-elevation edges. You start with climbing to the primary edge, which is an hour away. 
In June, the trail is typically canvassed in the snow. In July, as the snow softens on the lower achieves, you see the trail gradually abandoning green to dark colored and white. 
As you achieve the edge, search for an oval icy lake out yonder. Contingent upon the season, the lake is either encompassed by snow or crisp grass, alongside high blooms. 
On a crisp morning, you can get a dazzling all-surrounding perspective of Pir Pinjal and Dhauladhar ranges. Additionally, real pinnacles, for example, Indrasen, Deo Tibba, and Hanuman Tibba stand gloriously before you. 
The lake is regularly wrapped in haze which can make finding the course precarious. It is constantly fitting to employ a nearby guide.

Bhrigu Lake Trek Day 4: Rola Khuli to Gulaba
The present trek is a simple one. You return to Gulaba through the knolls you came up from. The plummet can be somewhat steep yet is great on your legs given you are dependable in the glades. 
It takes 3-4 hours to reach Gulaba. Gulaba at around 10,370 ft is a superior exit for your knees and feet when contrasted with Vasisht at 7,000 ft.


What is the best time to do Bhrigu Lake Trek:

 Bhrigu lake trek in Himachal Pradesh is open from June to August End.

What is the cost for doing Bhrigu Lake Trek:

Price for Bhrigu Lake is around 7000/- to 8500/- depending upon the trekking company you choose.

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