Brahmatal Trek


Brahmatal Trek Details:

Trekking Region:- Uttarakhand
Trekking Duration:- 6 Days
Trekking Grade:- Easy To Moderate
Trekking Max Altitude:- 12,100 Ft.
Trekking Distance:- 24 Kms.

Brahmatal lake resides in the depths of Himalaya’s. This lake falls in Uttrakhand and is known as one of the most magnificent places to visit if you love trekking. People who love to explore mother nature will surely love this place. This place is considered among one of the best trekking spots which are filled with challenges and adventure. 

Brahmatal trek is filled with uneven but astonishingly beautiful landscape and forests which we cannot see in cities for sure. The trek is best suited for beginners or people with less experience in trekking. During the trek maximum amount of time, one would be travelling across the forest which reduces the chances of height sickness. 


Brahmatal Trek Gallery:

Brahmatal Trek Itinerary:

Trekking itinerary may be different by different tour operators, but here is one of them.

Brahmatal Trek Day 1: Kathgodam to Lohajung:

  • In the morning you will be picked up from the source of your travel i.e whether train or bus.
  • After which an approximate of 9 hours of journey you will be doing to reach Lohajung which is at a distance of 225 Km from Kathgodam.
  • Till evening you will reach Lohajung and would have

Brahmatal Trek Day 2: Lohajung to Bekaltal:

  • After your morning breakfast, the trek to Bekaltal will commence.
  • The trek of this day will be through oak and fir forest. This whole trek would take 4 to 6 hours when you finally reach Bekaltal. The total distance is of approximately 8 Kms.

Brahmatal Trek Day3: Bekaltal to Brahmatal:

  • During the trek, till Brahmatal you will be able to enjoy the serene snow layered paths and mountains till you reach Telindi top.
  • At Telindi top, you can have the immense view of the Himalayas.
  • It will take approximately 4 hours to reach Brahmatal or Khabekhal lake.

Brahmatal Trek Day4: Khabekhal to Bhramtal to Daldum:

  • Now after your morning breakfast you will now head to the Bhramtal top.
  • Here you will get the view of the great Himalayan ranges along with the Nandhaghunti. Reaching till here will take approximately 3 hours.
  • After which you will proceed for the next stop at daldum which is a 2.7 Km stretch and takes approximately 4 hours to complete it.

Brahmatal Trek Day5: Daldum to Lohajung:

  • On day 5 you will be taking the same path which you covered to reach Brahmatal.

Brahmatal Trek Day6: Lohajung to Kathgodam:

  • This is the end day of your trek. After your morning breakfast, you will proceed to your final stop at Kathgodam.
  • When you reach Kathgodam your trek comes to an end here. After which you can plan your stay of departure.

What is the cost for doing Brahmatak Trek?

Overall this trek is best and truly affordable. Overall you will have an expense of 9,000 to 10,000 per adult. Prices vary as many agencies offer discounts if you travel in a group. 
When is the best time to do Brahmatal Trek?
The best time to travel to Brahmatal trek is during December, January and February. During these months Brahmatal becomes one of the most preferred spots for trekers. One can plan the trip by self or can also reach any online or nearby trip planner who can help you with travel ticket bookings and will plan your trip accordingly.

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