China is Closing Everest Base Camp Trek? Is this an alarm for Indian Trekkers too?


ddOne of the most adventurous treks in India is Everest Base camp trek which is around 14-18 days trek. But soon we will see this trek only in pictures and books, Here is why?

Why They are closing the Everest Base Camp Trek?

Everest Base camp can be accessed from two points, from Nepal as well as from China. Now Indians use Nepal side to trek to Everest Base camp.

But recently China also experienced a high volume of tourists coming to Everest base camp which is leading to a lot of problems, especially related to the rubbish created by these tourists.

What is the concern of China side Everest Base Camp Trek?

If you do Everest Base camp from India, you need to do trekking for around 14-18 days in Nepal and Tibet. But the problem from doing Everest base camp from China is that most part of the trekking route can be done by car.

This makes it very easy for anyone to come and visit the Everest Base camp in Tibet from China and that resulting in mass tourism on Everest base camp.

According to a report by the Forest conservation department in China, around 40,000 people visited Everest Base camp from China in 2015 and around 46,000 in 2016. This mass tourism resulted in huge exploitation of forest and nature reserves in the valley.

While thousands of people visiting the base camp every year, only a few hundreds of them have official permission to trek higher for the Everest base camp.

According to the cleaning authorities and forest department in China, they have collected around 8.9 tonnes of garbage last year from the snow-covered areas.

Now that’s shocking, Isn’t it?

And not just that. Many people die while reaching higher on the mountains and their bodies take years or even decades to decompose. So authorities also need to clean them up from the mountains.

This is not an easy task to do.

Is it a complete Ban on Everest Base Camp?

According to the government sources in China, Everest base camp is completely closed for normal tourists. But it is open for permitted mountain climbers and that as well will be limited to 300 per year.

For normal tourists, they can go up to a Rongbuk monastery which is around 5000M and slightly below the Everest Base Camp.

Will this ban affect Indian Trekking community?

This ban is from the China side of trekking to the Everest base camp, but there is a big lesson to learn from. India’s most popular Chadar Trek is already about to get banned soon. and the reason is the same,

Over Tourism and irresponsible trekking on the valley.

This is the high time we understand what we are doing and take a step back to make things better for our own future. Otherwise, these treks will be only available in books and images.

Let us know your views about this action by China.

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