Dayara Bugyal Trek


Dayara Bugyal Trek Details:

Trekking Region:- Uttarakhand
Trekking Duration:- 6 Days
Trekking Grade:- Easy To Moderate
Trekking Max Altitude:- 12,100 Ft.

Dayara Bugyal Trek is an excellent trek for beginners. Dayara bugyal trekking can be done in both summer and winters and you will get an amazing view at both times.

Dayara Bugyal trek is a very beautiful trek and you will see great alpine meadows during your trek and when you do this trek in winters you will see white sheet cover and the snow shines like diamonds.

The best time to do Dayara Bugyal trek is from December and march.

Dayara Bugyal Trek Gallery

Dayara Bugyal Trek Itinerary

Trekking itinerary may be different by different tour operators, but here is one of them

Dayara Bugyal Trek – Day 1: Dehradun to Raithal

Raithal is a small and beautiful village and its a base camp for various trekking companies in india for Dayara Bugyal Trek. You can get a night stay at any homestay in Raithal.

Dayara Bugyal Trek – Day 2: Raithal to Gui

 The trail from Raithal to Gui is a gradually ascending one and you be walking though village fields on well laid out trails. Soon you will enter some very dense oak tree forest.

Dayara Bugyal Trek – Day 3: Gui to Barnala

As you continue with the trek on third day you will now start seeing the huge mountain ranges. The trail is ascending gradually hence it will take around 4-5 hours to reach to the next resting point.

Dayara Bugyal Trek – Day 4: Barnala to Dayara Top to Chilapada

The trek continues from the base camp Barnala to upper Barnala where you will find Barnala taal. You can spend hours enjoying the views around.

Dayara Bugyal Trek – Day 5: Gui/Chilapada to Raithal

Its time to Trek back to the base camp at Raithal and from there you can take a day rest and then move to Dehradun.

What is the best time to do Dayara Bugyal Trek ?

Dayara Bugyal Trek is accessable from January to June. If you choose to go in January/ February you will find good snow but if you go in End of March / April / June then you will find all lush green trek, 

Dayara Bugyal Trek Map


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