Planning to trek with family and kids – Read this first


We all want to have great family time, especially on vacations. No matter where you go if you are with your family then this is the best time to enjoy together.

Now if you love trekking then there is nothing better then trekking with your family and kids.

The biggest advantage of trekking with family is that you can work together as a team and enjoy some time close to nature.

And in fact trekking with your family especially kids is the best way to teach them about nature and wildlife.

You as a parent might be thinking,

Is it safe to bring kids on trekking?

And the answer is, absolutely YES. Your kids might get sick in that daily city life but if they spend at least a few days in the mountains they will learn so much about nature, personality development, and personal health as well.

Where should you trek with family?

If you are trekking with your family you need to keep a few points in mind.

1- Start with small treks: When you are planning to trek with your family make sure you plan according to all members of the family especially kids.

Try to stat with small treks with which require less walking and doesn’t have much of elevation. You can easily start with some small weekend treks with your family so that you get used to being outside and adapt themselves with the physical challenges during the trek.

Most importantly they need to enjoy trek and if they will be walking for 5-6hrs continusly then that will be gone, as they will be dead tired at the end of the day.

2- Choose the correct season: If you are just starting trekking with your family as a new experience, then you better start in Summers.

And the reason is obvious, If you are a trekking solo then you can adjust yourself in any climate and situation.

But right now you are trekking with your family and you cannot compromise on comfort too much or you cannot go way too hard on them, especially if you are just starting trekking with your family or kids.

When you trek in Summers in with your family you firstly don’t need to carry a lot of stuff with you so that a big advantage and also, when you are with kids you can easily enjoy the warm days and not so cold nights while trekking.

This helps them enjoy the whole experience of trekking and helps them build a positive mindset about trekking and gradually you can experiment in other seasons.

How to plan trekking with family?

I would highly recommend you to choose a reputed trekking company to organize your trek instead of doing it yourself, especially if it’s your family’s initial experience with trekking.

When you choose the right trekking company to organize and manage your trek with your family you can be assured that there is some expert with your to take some load of getting things right and help your family get a positive experience about trekking.

So I would highly recommend that if you are planning to trek with your family then do it with a professional trekking company and these days it’s not hard to find one.

In fact, you can fill the form below and get the best price from various trekking companies in India about your requirement and trekking plans.

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