How Do I Build Stamina For Trekking


Whenever we think of trekking in India or anywhere, we must know that the experience of trekking can only be blissful when you are well prepared for it.

If you are unfit for trekking then for sure your pleasures will turn into pain.


How do you build stamina or strength for trekking?

Thus before trekking, you need to build your inner stamina and endurance for which the following steps need to be followed:

1 – Going for small trekking


Remember that trekking is all about inner core strength and stamina. If you have low stamina and endurance it would be difficult for you to go on any hiking.

Thus if you go small hiking after every 15 to 20 days it will help you adjust to the pressure during hiking.

Apart from this, it will enable your body to get prepared for sudden blood pressure change, height change etc.

2 – Start eating healthy


Healthy eating is very necessary. A light body weight person is able to carry himself at a longer distance than fat or overweight person.

Thus the better you eat or consume the more you detoxify your body. Try making smalls meals so that you get adjusted to healthy eating.

3 – Be active


We understand that offseason activity can be tiring or boring or might be difficult,

but it is very important to make yourself active during the off-seasons as well.

The more active you are the more your body will get adjusted to various climate and atmospheric pressures.

Thus continue your exercise in all season to build stamina for hiking.

4- Weekday endurance activity


For building your core for hiking you need to get yourself trained.

Try to do the cardio activity more than mussel training activity. Start with low-intensity cardio and with increasing the intensity level every day so that your core gets strong.

5 – Weekend endurance activity


On your weekends go for a small marathon. This will help you build your inner core strength as well as prepare you for long runs.

The more you run and the more you are into cardio It will help you get prepared for your hiking.

6 – Never skip your workouts


Workouts are very necessary for hiking. As our main aim is to build the stamina, endurance and weight management.

Thus workouts are very necessary every day for 30 to 50 minutes at least.

One should remember that workouts play a great role in building your endurance level strong. The more you train yourself the more you make yourself better.

7 – Be focused


The focus is very necessary. The strong focus and will power you have the more you are going to get better.

Without focus and will power it would be very difficult to move forward in coaching. Thus stay focused.

Trekking can only be done successfully if you have a passion for it.

Without passion, nothing would be easy to achieve. All the above steps to build endurance for hiking can only be achieved if you have the inner passion to work towards it.

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