How To Pee Or Poop on a Trek ? Toilet essentials while Trekking


Everything about trekking looks fascinating and so adventurous but there is one thing that most of the new trekkers are worried about,

and there is very less information out there and that is.

How to Pee or Poop while trekking?

So let’s talk about shit and how to shit in wood?

Before we start let me help you understand a few things that you might have never imagined.

It’s way harder to manage human excreta while trekking as compared to in your homes or any luxury hotel. Even if it is biodegradable.

Especially on a winter trekking trails, when the temperature is below 0°C its almost impossible for nature to decompose your waste. So you need to act sensibly and consider nature first.

So let’s first talk about the less complicated part ie:

How to Urinate / Pee during the trek?

Now if you need to pee during the trek then there is not much doubt about it. In fact, human urine contains nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium which is good for plants and trees.

So when you pee during the trek you can easily find a bush or go behind a tree and get the job done. But that is easy for males, what about female trekkers.

How ladies go to the bathroom while trekking?

Well, female trekkers can also do the same but I think it’s very hard for them to go behind some tree or a bush and remove all the backpack and gears and urinate in a squat position.

It’s not just hard and time-consuming but most importantly it’s not at all hygienic. But recently one of my friend, who is a regular trekker told me about a product that she always uses for this situation.

Its called PeeBuddy, It’s a disposable paper-based Female Urination Device that female trekkers can easily use to pee while trekking. It’s also available on Amazon here.

Note: It’s a disposable product, but it doesn’t mean that you can throw it anywhere on the trek. We will talk about disposing of in the later section of this post.

Now, Its time to talk about the major trouble-causing part i.e.

How to Poop while trekking?

When you are trekking with some organized trekking company in Indian then they normally create a dedicated toilet, dry/ normal to use by everyone at the campsite.

But the point is what to do when you are trekking alone or gets nature call while on the trekking trail.

Well, in that case, we need to create a small DIY toilet on the trail. Not exactly on the tail but need to take care of a few things first.

1- While creating the DIY toilet make sure you are at least 200 feet away from any water source, trekking trail or any campsite.

If you are doing Indian style, then take some water from the water source in a bottle and walk away from the source so that you don’t contaminate the main water source.

2- If you are not doing the Indian style, then still you need to be away from all the 3 sources mentioned above but instead of a water bottle you will be using a wet wipe and a toilet paper.

3- You can do the job in an open area or you can also carry a foldable toilet tent. Something like this on Amazon. But its more useful when you are trekking with your family or a group of friends.

But most probably you will be doing the job in open, may in some bush or behind a tree, So in that case you need to carry a toilet kit. Which is very easy to make.

How to make a trekking toilet kit?

To be ready with any situation while trekking, you must carry a trekking toilet kit which is very easy to make and will help you big way. Here is what all you need.

1- A quarter size zip lock bag to carry everything.
2- A baby wet wipe pocuh.
3- A toilet paper roll.
4- A garden trowel or anything that can dig a hole.
5- A hand sanitizer.
6- A disposable urination device for female trekkers as mentioned above.
7- Few more small paper bags just in case needed.

Now let’s dive in and take a look at how to use all these.

How to make a DIY toilet while trekking?

So you are in the middle of a trek and now you need to poop. Or you are trekking alone or a group of friends but you don’t have a proper toilet set up at the base camp.

Here is what you need to do.

Step -1: Take your toilet kit out and walk at least 200 feet away from the base camp, any water source or any trekking trail.

Step -2: Find a safe place and use your trowel to dig a 6X6inch hole in the ground.

Step -3: Sit in a squat position so that when you poop all the stuff will go right in that hole you made in the ground.

Step -4: Once you are done use a dry toilet paper or water to clean your self.

Step -5: Do the final cleaning using wet wipes.

Once that is done, now comes the most important part.

How to clean the toilet while trekking?

Now you are done with your job and here comes the most important part, which most of us ignore.

Trust me, there are people out there who either don’t know or stupid enough for not clearing the area where they pooped in nature.

When you are done with the job first thing you need to do is collect all dry toilet paper used and put them in the hole that you used for the toilet. Never ever throw them around.

If you have used wet wipes then make sure you wrap them in some toilet paper and keep them with you so that you can dispose of them when you are back down from the trek.

Wet wipes do not decompose, so never bury them on the trek. Trust me, a large number of people don’t know it.

Once you cover the hole back to normal put a small stone or put some stick on it so that someone can easily recognize that the place is recently used and avoid digging it again.

So that’s how you do it.

We live in cities and we do not understand how things work in nature and even if we don’t want to we still do harm to nature. It’s better we educate our self as much as possible.

If you want to learn more about this topic there a full book “How to Shit in the Woods” that you can buy on Amazon here. I think it’s a must read if you wan to be a responsible trekker in India.

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