7 Ways for how to sleep warm on a trek night

How to sleep warm on a trek night winter

You enjoyed the whole day trekking in those amazing view and meadows, Now you are tired and its time to have some good night sleep.

But trust me it a big task in itself to have a safe and sound sleep in those chilling nights at the campsite. Especially if you are on a winter trek.

It is very important to have a good sleep at night during so that your body can re-energize and your muscles can relax and enhance your execution on the following day’s trek

In this article, We will share a few hints on the most proficient method to keep yourself warm in a camping bed and have an agreeable rest.


1- Hit the hay with a boiling water bottle

How to sleep warm on a trek night winter
How to sleep warm on a trek night winter


A high temp water bottle in your portable bed can remain warm for a considerable length of time and help you rest soundly when it’s well underneath solidifying in your tent.

Top off your hard plastic container with high temp water and hit the sack with it between your legs so it hits your femoral vein.

On the off chance that the container is excessively hot to the touch at first, fold one of your layers over it and afterward put it between your legs.

Next day, you can use that warm water to drink as first thing in the morning which will help you get hydrated.


2- having a late night snack:



In case you’re trekking the great outdoors in a zone where bears or other untamed life aren’t an issue,

keep a couple of snacks inside your tent, and in the event that you wake up cold,

eat a treat to get your digestion going. Some nutrition bar or some dry fruits could be a great option for that late night snack.

3- Don’t ignore that nature call:

At the point when your bladder is full, your body is consuming vitality keeping that fluid warm.

On the off chance that you void it out, your body needs to consume somewhat less vitality to remain warm.

It likewise causes you to return to rest in light of the fact that the possibility of expecting to pee won’t divert you from some genuinely necessary rest.

On the off chance that it’s too cold to even think about getting outside your tent to pee, utilize a collapsible pee bottle. Ladies can likewise utilize a pee pipe to pee into the pee bottle.


4- Add an extra layer in your sleeping bed

How to sleep warm on a trek night winter
How to sleep warm on a trek night winter


Some of the time resting warmly is simply a question of getting all the more support between you and the ground.

Think about bringing an extra layer of a sleeping mat or a lightweight blanket and put them inside your sleeping bag.

If you are using an extra sleeping mat then just add it below your sleeping bag, just to add an extra gap between you can ground.

5- Warm up exercise before you sleep

It’s a very helpful practice to perform some exercises like a quick walk or jumping jacks before entering the camping bed.

Don’t push yourself too much with it if you just had your dinner.

You can also do some exercises like rotating your hands to a windmill or pushing your hand up above your head. This will instantly warm up your body.


6- Fill those gaps in your sleeping bag



If there is a lot of ambient space in your sleeping bag you can fill it up with some spare blankets or even throw your spare clothes that you might not be wearing at night.

It will help you trap that body heat inside and you will feel way better than in a loose sleeping bag.

If you are sharing your tent with someone else, make sure you sleep as close as possible to each other so that you will remain warm.

7- Cover the heat escape points

How to sleep warm on a trek night winter
How to sleep warm on a trek night winter


Even if you are in a sleeping bag. Make sure you wear a woolen cap, socks, and gloves because most of the body head goes out from these points.

So in order to trap the heat in your body make sure you are cover them properly.

Also, make sure you don’t choke yourself. Make sure you are feeling comfortable and able to breathe easily in all those layers.

So these are some tips to keep you warm in those winter nights on your trek. If you have some more tips that can help others then please do share them in the comments section below.

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