Kedartal Trek


Kedartal Trek Details:

Trekking Region: Garhwal Himalayas of Uttarakhand
Trekking Maximum Altitude: 4912 meters
Trekking Grade: Moderate to tough
Trekking Duration: 09 Days
Trekking Season: Mid May-June & Mid August -October

Kedartal (otherwise called Shiva’s lake) is an icy lake arranged at a height of 4,750 meters (15,580 ft) in the Garhwal district of the Himalayas in India.

The lake is nourished by the snowfall over Thalay Sagar (6,904 m), Meru (6,672 m), Bhrigupanth (6,772 m) and other encompassing pinnacles, and is the wellspring of Kedar Ganga,

which in Hindu folklore is viewed as Shiva’s commitment to Bhagirathi (a source-stream of the Ganges).


Kedartal, at a separation of 17 km from Gangotri, is a mainstream trekking goal.

Beginning from Gangotri the tekking course includes a lofty rough move along the restricted Kedar Ganga pig out in transit to Bhojkharak, 8 km away.

From that point, it is 4 km to the following accessible campground of Kedarkharak, and a further 5 km to Kedartal.

The course goes through picturesque Himalayan birch timberlands, however, is made risky in spots by falling rocks, high elevation and portions of soak rising.


A captivating lake arranged alongside Kedar Bamak Glacier at the foot of the colossal Thalaysagar (6,904) and Brigupanth Peak (6,772mts),

Kedartal is a standout amongst the most lovely high elevation lakes in India at a stature of 4780 meters.


A testing trek towards the lake requests perfect mountaineering knowledge and here is a multi-day long trek to the blessed site of Gangotri and Kedartal which experiences the harsh trails surrounded by fir and bhoj trees in the bounty.


Kedartal Trek Gallery:

Kedartal Trek Itinerary:

Kedartal Trek Day1: Dehradun – Uttarkashi – Gangotri
  • Get a drive for 5-6 hours that takes you through Mussoorie Bypass Road giving you the most terrific perspectives including the valuable perspectives of Tehri Dam Lake also and continue to Chilyanisaur.
  • Enjoy a short reprieve at Uttarkashi and keep venturing out to Gangotri by means of Harsil that would take an additional four hours.
  • On the off chance that you begin around 06:00 AM, you will reach Uttarkashi by 12 twelve. From Uttarkashi, you should take another common taxi to reach Gangotri.
  • When you reach Gangotri, go to the sanctuary to perform evening aarti and subsequently, inspire an authorization to enter the Gangotri National Park.

  • Remain medium-term in a lodging in Gangotri.

Kedartal Trek Day 2: Gangotri – Bhoj Kharak
  • Toward the beginning of the day, visit the consecrated place of worship of Gangotri and meander around the neighborhood markets. 
  • Traverse Bhagirathi River and begin climbing the rising on the right.
  • Walk the lofty at a moderately steady pace with the goal that you would not be worn out so effectively.
  • The trail goes through pine trees and it goes to enter a blend vegetation zone of fir and bhoj trees.
  • The quietly streaming Kedar Ganga is obvious from the best, where it counts in the canyon.
  • Before coming to Bhoj Kharak there is a precarious and inclination shake in the midst of the trail with space of only a couple of steps, it is otherwise called Spider Wall among trekkers.
  • Amid early June or late October on the off chance that the rough face is secured with snow, it will require a few abilities to cross this segment since one slip can drag you to a couple of hundred feet beneath.
  • Cross this segment and you’ll reach Bhoj Kharak.
  • Arranged at the rise of 3,780 mts above ocean level Bhoj Kharak is a little campground.
Kedartal Trek Day 3: Bhoj Kharak – Kedar Kharak
  • This is an experience. As you keep on rising relentlessly, an avalanche quite a long while back has deleted a 100 meter bit of the first trail and it is dependent upon us to locate another approach to cross the mountainside.
  • After this, you go over a steady trail which guides you down to the Kedar Gunga waterway bed, which you need to in part cross before making a beeline for a strong ground on the opposite side which presently opens to your next campground, Kedar Kharak.
  • A really dynamite campground arranged among the transcending pinnacles of Drigubanth, Thalaysagar and Jogin 3.
Kedartal Trek Day4: Kedar Kharak – Kedar Tal
  • The last advance to the delightful Kedar Tal is through three edges, fundamentally made out of saved rocks and an infrequent earth trail running at the highest point of each. Cairns of shake towers speck the surface, reminding you where the trail is going.
  • Summiting the two edges gives you a sneak-look at that last edge, constraining you to ponder what sights lay past it. In the wake of climbing the third edge, Kedar Tal Lake sits like a solidified emerald underneath.
  • The enormous perspectives of Thalaysagar and different pinnacles make every one of your issues appear to be inconsequential. The Kedar icy mass streams without moving to your left side, the starting point of the waterway you have now turned out to be so acquainted with streaming close by.
  • Awaiting goodbye to the heavenly Kedar Tal, we slide and make a beeline for Kedar Kharak. Medium-term remains in camps.

 Kedartal Trek Day 5: Kedar Kharak – Gangotri
 The critical step is done, we are back homebound! While the separation to cover is somewhat long, the trail to Gangotri is for the most part downhill.
Your reward is a delicate, comfortable bed down in Gangotri and an opportunity to get the celebrated aarti. Head back home on the following morning.
 Kedartal Trek Day 6: Gangotri – Dehradun
 Get up early morning and appreciate the perspectives of the dawn and wrap up the visit as you land at Dehradun from Gangotri.

What is the height of Kedartal Trek?

kedartal trek height is 16,116 FT.

How to get Kedartal Trek permit?

You can easily get Kedartal permit from gangotri when you deposit the forest area entry fee. Make sure you carry 2-3 copies of your ID proof and 2-3 passport size photos.

What is the best time to do Kedartal Trek ?

 The trek is open from May to June end.

What is the cost for doing Kedartal Trek ?

 Most of the trekking companies in India are charging around 14000/- to 15000/- per head for this trek.

Can you do Kedartal Trek in Winters?

 Kedartal Trek cannot be done in Winter. This trek is completely inaccessible in winters because of heavy snowfall. 

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