Should I Rent or Buy Trekking Equipment and Gears


So you are planning for your first trekking trip and now the biggest question is:

Should I buy trekking gears or should I rent them?

or if you decide to rent then the question is,

Where can I rent trekking/hiking equipment and gears?

So lets first talk about should you actually buy or rent trekking equipment?

The answer to this question is actually depends on how much you will be using these trekking gears and equipment?

You might be excited about your first trek right now and I can completely understand you want to shop the best for this first trek.

But, are you going to trek regularly? Or is it just a Summer holiday trekking trip. You need to think about it and then decide if you really need to buy these trekking products when you can easily rent them.

There are a lot of options available where you can rent this trekking equipment and save a lot on your trip.

Let’s first understand how renting trekking gears can save you a lot of money.

So, How much you need to invest when you buy trekking gears?

There is surely no limit you can spend on trekking gears. You can buy the most expensive stuff out there but ideally, under 10000/- to 15000/- you can buy all necessary trekking gears to need for almost any Himalayan trek in India.

In this, I am considering you will be buying trekking gears like a tent, a sleeping bag, a backpack, trekking shoes, trekking pants, two jackets, a Swiss knife, a headlamp, and a power bank.

How much it will cost to rent trekking gears?

Now if you don’t want to buy these trekking gears you can easily rent them for your next trekking trip, There are various options available online as well as offline.

There are various websites out there which you can use to get these trekking equipment and gears for rent. Also, If you are trekking in an organized group by some trekking company in India then most of these trek organizers provide trekking gears or rent.

So make sure you check with your trek organizer and get some price details from them so that you can get an idea about how much it will cost.

Renting Trekking gears from the local market or Base camp

Another best way to rent a trekking gear is to check your local market is you have some store in your city which deals in rental trekking products.

Or, when you are going for a trek, you always reach a base camp city to start your trek. Like Dehradun in Uttrakhand, or Sankri village from where a lot of famous treks start.

As trekking in Indian getting popular day by day these cities and small villages are becoming trekking hub. You will find offices of all the small and big trekking companies in these villages and local people also saw a great business opportunity in this and they opened all sorts of shops, homestays, and restaurants.

So, when you reach these base camp cities or villages, you can easily get these trekking equipment on rent from a local shop there.

Why renting from a local shop is better than renting them online?

I believe if you are planning to rent these trekking gears then you should rent them from a local shop. If you have one in your city then check from there or if you are renting them from the base camp city or village then you can choose from there as well.

The big benefit you will get from these local shops is that you will get what you see and you can easily check the minor details.

For example: While renting a trekking boot you need to first check if you are comfortable with the fitting of the boot or not. Best trekking shoes in the market might not be comfortable for you. You need to find what is comfortable and fit for your legs.

Also, make sure you have some bargaining skills because when you are renting these trekking gears from the base camp city they know you need these products and they keep the price a little high. So, if you can bargain a little you can get great deals.

Some of the trekking places in India have fixed government or local union price so do check that before paying.

So, when you rent these trekking gears and equipment you actually save a lot of money. As mentioned earlier if you are spending 10000/- to 15000/- in buying these gears. You can rent them easily at around 5000/- to 6000/-.

So, It’s definitely an option to consider. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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