Rupin Pass Trek


Rupin Pass Trek Details:

Trekking Region: Himachal Pradesh
Trekking duration: 9 days
Trekking difficulty: moderate-difficult
Trekking highest altitude: 15,380 ft

Rupin Pass is a high height trek which begins from Dhaula in Uttarakhand and finishes at Sangla.

Significantly you will do Trekking in Himachal as 80% of the trekking course is there itself.

Being a high elevation trek, of around 15250 feet, Rupin Pass is considered among one of the high range campaigns for Trekking in India.

The high elevation in the not simply sole purpose behind its prominence among trekkers, the enhanced number of views and sudden variety in trails additionally pull in numerous nature sweethearts.

Rupin Pass is a perfect trek for any experience as it offers a trek to each sort of territory, be it on snow, rough landscape, along and through the water streams or glades.

You will begin trekking your course from greener and hot scenes and move towards and through the coldest of zones over the snow as you reach as far as possible.

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Rupin Pass Trek Itinerary:

Rupin Pass Trek Day 1: Dehradun – Mori – Dhaula
  • Jump on to a vehicle and drive to Mori. This is a little beautiful village that lays on the banks of dazzling Tons River. Once at Mori, continue in the vehicle in the midst of pine forest by the Tons River to land at Netwar.
  • You can offer your regards at Pokhu Devta, an antiquated place of love. It shows a shocking and particular design of the district.
  • Later on, continue to Dhaula village. Situated by Rupin Gad, this is the place your trekking movement will start. Withdraw for the night during the tents as tomorrow your Rupin pass trek initiates.

 Rupin Pass Trek Day 2: Dhaula – Seva
  • This day, appreciate the trek in the midst of rhododendron forests and fields. Post a few hours of strolling, you will touch base at Sewa. Following an extraordinary day, go through the night in tents. 
  • Investigate the celebrated Kinnaur Temple at Sewa, where awards and trophies accomplished by villagers are hanging outside the sanctuary. 
  • You will get somewhat frustrated at Sewa as the sights are not as satisfying as prior. In any case, you can either camp at the campground outside Sewa, or at the Village as it were.
Rupin Pass Trek Day 3: Seva – Jakha
  • Prepare yourself for a drawing in course. As you advance through a few villas, get a fine whiff of their nearby culture and lives. 
  • Appreciate the route in the midst of blended woodlands and beginning sights of frigid edges of Dhauladhar go. Touch base at Jakha, the last villa of the day that is likewise the most noteworthy in the district. 
  • Later in the night, withdraw to your tents. Somewhat further stroll subsequent to intersection through the thick backwoods you will reach close to a wooden scaffold which isolates the two states. The scaffold is known as ‘No man’s Place’ as it doesn’t have a place with any state.
  • Taking the left trail which associates with Jiksun town, traveling your way up on the trail to Jiksun is an express excites as the trails are directed on the outrageous edge of the bluff. 
Rupin Pass Trek Day 4: Jakha – Suruwas Thach
  • You will trek the dewy and beguiling glades at Suruwas Thach. At first, navigate by the stream and after that move in the midst of a wilderness stretch to land at Rupin Valley’s passageway. 
  • At this place, you can appreciate the underlying sight of Rupin cascade. The salubrious environs make the camp region a magnificent one. Go through the night in tents. 
  • The trail is all around characterized, goes through the field of Jhaka town, enters a backwoods where trees of fir standing tall portraying hundreds of years old, perfect human progress.
  •  A turn in the trail past intersection the woodland and scenes change itself to snow patches. Pursue the snow connect over Rupin, cross the scaffold and a stroll on a thin trail till another wooden extension.

 Rupin Pass Trek Day 5: Saruwas Thatch to Dhanderas Thatch
  • founder in the wonders you will stop by. To start with, you will climb a pictorial glade. At this place go trigger cheerful and loosen up for a bit. Post this, you will take part in a precarious trek in the midst of likely snow extends till you land at the upper cascade outdoors zone that can be viewed as the best over the globe. 
  • Go through the night in tents. Decent variety in a scene on your way from woodlands to snow spans cascades to pig out, glades to the rough territory will make your the present voyage stuffed with a wide range of experience.
  • The charming sights shape the lip of the valley, of thousands of cascades surging down beneath you is every one of the set to mesmerize you for a movement.
  • Again the last climb passing the captivating views and you are amidst a valley, Dhanderas Thatch.
 Rupin Pass Trek Day 6: Dhanderas Thatch to Upper Waterfall camp
  • The elevation from Dhanderas to Upper waterfall camp is around 4000 mts., is sufficient to make you helpless against AMS, as you won’t be able to get acclimatized through the height in one go. 
  • A Steady and care full stroll on the stones along the slope you would now be able to see a trail going in the middle of through the thick snow. 
  • A sharp yet short move in the wake of intersection the scaffold you are good to go to get loose and make the most of your campground
 Rupin Pass Trek Day 7: Upper waterfall to Rupin Pass to Ronti
  • Start early this day. Expect a few difficulties as you would need to rise snowfields just as a rough way to touch base at the pass. In view of the circumstance, you may need to make utilization of ropes in a portion of the stretches. Helpful for snow, the climb may take you around 4-6 hours. 
  • Once here, you can appreciate clearing perspectives of the forceful Himalayas. Witness summits of Kinner Kailash extend and that close to Charang La. Loosen up for a bit and after that start the plunge. Trek for two or three hours and land at Ronti Gad pastures. Following a difficult day, turn in tents.

Rupin Pass Trek Day 8: Ronti Gad to Sangla
  • This day, expect a long and strenuous ascension downwards to Sangla. The trail, however, is a compensating one with some breathtaking perspectives. Going with you is the vision of Kinner Kailash run alongside the villas of Sangla valley that dab the district.
  • Later on, you will be welcomed by the Baspa River that wanders in the valley. At the point when at Sangla, dash off for a sizzling masala tea. Following an incredible day, you will turn in tents.
 Rupin Pass Trek Day 9: Sangla to Shimla
  • Dive into breakfast early today and jump on to the vehicle to be exchanged to Shimla. Appreciate the flawless drive. Touch base at Shimla by evening and proceed to your goal. This denotes the finish of the Rupin Pass trekking visit.

When is the best time to do Rupin Pass Trek ?

 Best time to do Rupin Pass Trek is May and June. It is more popular as a Summer Trek in India.

What is the cost for doing Rupin Pass Trek ?

 Rupin Pass Trek will cost around 15000/- to 17000/- depending upon the trekking company you choose.

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