5 Summer vacation treks that you can do with kids


Summer vacations are about to start and its time to decide where to go in these summer school vacations. It’s obvious we all want to go to some cool place to beat the heat, but most of the places are overcrowded and very mainstream.

If you want to make this summer vacation a little special with your kids then how about going for a trek where you can skip all the crowd of people and enjoy great quality time with your family and kids and above all help your kids learn more about nature and wildlife.

Here is the list of treks that you can consider doing with your kids during this summer vacation.

Note: Before you choose a location make sure you read this :

Planning to trek with family and kids – Read this first

1- Trekking with kids to Nag Tibba TrekWhen in every Summer vacation people are running towards Mussoorie to beat the heat. You can plan a little further and go for a 2-day trek of Nag Tibba temple. The trek is easy for kids to enjoy and during the trek, you will find a few local villages which will be a great experience for kids to learn about village life.

2- Deoban Trek: Just 100km from Dehradun this is a perfect trek for Summer vacation and best suited for kids. The trail is almost flat and its well marked so you can easily do it with kids and family. If you wish to try trekking with kids for this Summer vacation then this is the perfect trek or that.

3- Trekking with kids to Prashar Lake trek:


One of the most popular Summer vacation destinations is Kullu in Himachal Pradesh and once again it’s very touristy and crowdy during Summer vacations. But very less people know there are many treks that you can choose from Kullu to beat this crowd and have a peaceful vacation with your family and kids. One such option is Prashar lake trek.

4- Trekking with kids to Triund Top Trek:


Other than Kullu Manali there are some other places in Himachal Pradesh which are very popular during Summer vacations. One of them is Dharamshala. It’s a beautiful place but if you are planning for trekking during Summer vacations then there is a great option near Dharamshala, know as Triund Trek. This trek is probably the most popular trek in India most of the trekking enthusiasts make this as their debut trek.

5- Trekking with kids to Bijli Mahadev Trek:

Another lesser known place when you are visiting Kullu is Bijli Mahadev Trek. When most of the tourists are busy in main Kullu you can enjoy some quality time and have a great trekking experience with your family in the coming Summer vacations.

Booking Summer vacation treks with your family and kids.

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