Top Treks to do in India in June 2022

Phulara Ridge Trek in India

Adventure seekers who love to explore the intrinsic beauty of nature cannot simply afford to miss out on the Himalayan Treks in June. As Himalayan always attracts us with its devotional and surprising Beauty. The snow starts melting during this time. However, specific trails still remain snow-clad. The Himalayas unleash the marvels of nature in a different attire during June. Travelers can discover the implicit beauty of nature amid the flowing springs and ample vegetation in the Himalayas in June.

If you are really passionate about trekking, Here are the top 10 treks to do in June in India in 2022.

Roopkund Trek


Summer treks in Uttarakhand are very popular in India. Highlights of the trek are its alpine meadows. They are absolutely eye-catching and breathtaking. They are so perfect in the way they are spread. This trek is ranked as one of the top treks in India. This trek is perfect for first-timers who are looking for some Himalayan adventure.

Difficulty level: Bit difficult

Trek Duration: 8 Days/7 nights

Trek Altitude: 16,000 ft

Rupin Pass


If there is a classic trek in India, it has to be the Rupin Pass. This trek has some specific thing into it you can see some scenery kind of sights almost every hour. With every step, the trek throws up a new vista to see, a new scenery to unfold. Quite suddenly too!

In your first day of trekking around 20 minutes into the trail,  you see the Rupin River make an appearance, fanning out into a wide bed below you.

From here, the trail takes you through hanging villages and then quite suddenly, it dipping into a deep pine forest!  The trail then meanders through glacial meadows, snow bridges, glacial valleys, snow fields and hundreds of waterfalls!

Difficulty: Moderate – Difficult

Duration: 5-6Days

Best Months: March, june

Brahmatal Trek


Most of our top treks are favorites because of its mountain views they offer. Think of Chaukhambha from Deoriatal Chandrashila or Paddypoonch from Dayara Bugyal. It’s hard to get such magnified views of such great mountains. Brahmatal, however, is a trek that takes the cake. It’s got a view that beats all of these guys! Here’s the reason. On your second day, you climb out of the stunning Rhododendron and Oak forest to see the white wall of the Trishul massif. And these views are just getting closer as you cross the ridge to the Jandhi Peak.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Trek Duration: 5-6Days

Trek Altitude: 12,250 ft

Har Ki Dun Trek

best treks in india in september october november
best treks in india in september october november

Har Ki Dun famous as valley of God. It is a delight for the first time trekkers. It takes you to least explored and traveled places in the Garhwal region in Uttarakhand. If you have interest in mythology then it’s the best place for you to visit. There are many asthetic villages found while trekking which you can explore. Best time to visit this place is from March to June. The around is place is absolutely worth it and would definitely make all your stress and tiredness vanish like magic.

Difficulty level: easy to moderate due to the fairly difficult trails and trek gradients.

Trek Duration: 7Days

Trek Altitude: 11,700 ft

Beas Kund Trek


This trek in Himachal Pradesh is considered as a beginner-friendly trek, as it is one of the easiest yet very mesmerizing trek in India. Trekkers trek past glaciers, forest slopes, mountain streams, etc. It is a great place for those who love clicking pictures. It is one of the top treks in India for the breathtaking view and pleasant weather.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Trek Duration: 3-4 Days

Trek Altitude: 12,772 ft

Phulara Ridge

It is one of the Gorgeous ridge trek in India. This is a trek lies in the plain region and less crowded peaceful place. This is a trek hidden in plain sight. It starts from Sankri, the same base camp as the popular Kedarkantha. While Kedarkantha sees massive crowds, this trek silently watches on. If you’re looking to trek with your family, this is a good option! Time it from mid-April onwards till mid-May for a safe amount of snow!

Difficulty level: Moderate

Trek Duration: 4-5 days

Trek Altitude: 12,127 ft

Gaumukh Tapovan


The trek that takes you to the source of river Ganga, the Gaumukh glacier. This is the place from where pious river Ganga has been originated. It’s always has the traditional value and too good place for the trekkers. Not only that, it is the only trek in the country that takes you closer to Mt Shivling where you see it from the base to the summit, in one gigantic frame!

Along with Mt Shivling, Mt Meru and the Bhagirathi sisters keep close company at Tapovan.

Difficulty level: Moderate to difficult

Trek Duration: 8-9 days

Trek Altitude: 4,460 ft

Buran Ghati

Any nature lover will go weak at the knees on this trek. This is by far the most perfect trek we have seen — it has the best parts of India’s greatest treks stitched together in one trek but still a gorgeous place to visit in June.

This trek has the catchy forest sections, unimaginably beautiful meadows of Dayara, and perhaps the best campsite out of all our treks, nestled in the meadows. It’s an incredible trek where you can find almost everything including beautiful green plains, dense forests and mountains. You can go here for the trek between may – June. If you want to see a low of snow, choose May. If you want to see a good mix of greenery and snow, so definitely choose June! 

Difficulty level: Moderate-difficult

Trek Duration: 4-5 days

Trek Altitude: 15,000 ft


Hope you guys liked our guide of the best trek to do in June. All the above-mentioned trucks are easy and cheap to do if you’re a youngster. I personally recommend you to do so.

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