Trekking in Himachal – A True Paradise for Trekkers – In Every Season


Trekking in Himachal Pradesh is among the very adventurous activities which you may take on.

With names of places which are already very well known among the audience that loves adventures,

a visit to Himachal should always entail you are going to be taking on a minimum of one of the numerous treks that are famous here.


Treks in Himachal Pradesh include the numerous famous treks like Triund, Kheerganga, Hamta Pass, Indrahar Pass, Malana and several brilliant treks.

There are so many beautiful treks in Himachal that guarantees enchanting views of the several ranges.

Take Triund Trek in Himachal, like you reach the top of Triund, you can see the Kangra mountain range towering over the beautiful.

Whenever the names of Bhrigu Lake Trek, Beas Kund Trek, and Kareri Lake Trek, provides you with some of the finest views of the tranquil valley of the country, the Parvati Valley.

A number of the other extremely famous treks in Himachal in which the final result is the views of some of the very beautiful high elevation lakes of the Himalayas.

Trekking In Himachal – Famous Weekend Treks

If you are a true trekking enthusiast then you can do trekking in Himachal Pradesh even on weekends.

There are some famous weekend treks in Himachal that you can do easily and go to your regular job on Monday.

Some of the famous weekend treks in Himachal are  Beas Kund Trek, Bhrigu Lake Trek, Bijli Mahadev Trek, Triund Trek, Kareri Lake Trek, Indrahar Pass Trek and many more.

So even if you are a regular office going guy and passionate about trekking. You can still go trekking in Himachal on weekends and get back to your job on Monday morning.

Trekking In Himachal during Summers


One the most touristy time of trekking in Himachal is in summers. This is the time when people living in the cities, trying to escape the heat and get some chill pill.

There is less number of people who choose Trekking in Himachal as their Summer vacations but still, Summer  Treks in Himachal are very popular.

When you choose summer for trekking in Himachal Pradesh you will get amazing weather and green lush valley and beautiful flora and fauna.

Some of the most popular Summer Treks in Himachal are:

1- Indrahar Pass Trek
2- Beas Kund Trek
3- Chandratal Baralacha Trek
4- Hampta Pass Trek
5- Pin Parvati Pass Trek
6- Deo Tibba Trek
7- Shepherd Trail Gaddi Trek
8- Bara Bhangal Trek

Trekking In Himachal during Winters


Who doesn’t like snow? We all love it, Right !!

And above that, if you love trekking then trekking in Himachal is no less than paradise.

All the mountains are covered with snow and the lush green meadows now look white. It all looks like a fairy tale and you need to see it yourself to experience it.

But trekking in Himachal in winters could be a little challenging if you can’t bear the cold. Not just any cold, at some treks temperature goes till -10C during nights.

So you need to be very passionate about trekking so that you can enjoy that amazing season.

Some of the most popular trekking in Himachal trails are as below:

1- Chadar Trek
2- Kuari Pass Trek
3- Prashar Lake Trek
4- Kedarkantha Trek
5- Dodital Trek
6- Chopta Chandrashila Trek
7- Har ki Dun Trek
8- Chamba – Dalhousie Trek

Best trekking companies in Himachal

Being the most favorite destination for trekkers, there are various trekking companies in Himachal that are available for your best experience.

Now if you are confused about the price for these various trekking companies in Himachal Pradesh then you can send your requirement to various trekking companies from just one click.

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