Trekking in Manali – Perfect gateway for trekking lovers in India


Why Manali is popular among Trekkers?

Manali is among the best-known areas in Himachal Pradesh and draws tourists in large numbers through the year.

Due to a great height and mountainous terrain, trekking in Manali plays a huge role in making it a tourist destination as well as a trekking base camp.

The city acts as a foundation and the beginning of many renowned treks in Himachal, which take tourists deep into the Himalayas.

Fantastic road connectivity with the whole country and the proximity of national airports make it readily accessible for individuals.

Manali is based In the valley of the Beas River and lies in the approximate altitude of 6725 feet over sea level.

The banks of the river are rugged, and along the flow on either side are mountains.

The climate of Manali – Best for Trekking

The climate here is categorized As Sub Tropical Highland since the town lies in an elevation inside the Tropical Zone.

Summers are cool with an average high of 25 degrees Celsius and imply lows of 12 degrees.

Winters get freezing cold, and also the place receives amounts of precipitation in the kind of snow between Nov and February.

Popular Treks from Manali:

There are so many treks available from Manali and being a touristy place you will find all sort of Trekking companies to help you plan your trek from Manali.

Here are some of the best treks from Manali that you can take.

1- Bhrigu Lake Trek From Manali: The trek starts from Manali, on the way to the Rohtang Pass Road toward a beautiful village called Gulaba. On this trek from Manali, you will see amazing views of Solang valley and enjoy the nature from campsites.

2- Beas Kund Trek From Manali: Beas Kund Trek begins from Solang Nallah which is a mainstream goal in Manali for skiing and paragliding. Hypnotizing knolls of Dhundi and Bakarthach will be a piece of your trail on Beas Kund Trek.

3- Pin Parvati Trek From Manali:  For trekking lovers, trekking trails through the untouched paradise of Himachal is a real pleasure.  This trek from Manali passes through beautiful and lush green forests around kheerganga and when you reach Pin Parvati Pass you will have an experience of a lifetime.

4- Bijli Mahadev Trek from Manali: Just a few km away trek from Manali, you have a famous temple that most of the tourists skip. The trek goes though Kais Wildlife Sanctuary and that an amazing adventurous trek especially for new trekkers.


Trekking in Manali During Summer


Being one of the most touristy places in Himachal Pradesh. Manali gets a huge amount of tourists every year during Summers.

This is the time when most of the treks from Manali are fully packed. All the trekking companies in Manali get fully booked for all the trek schedules, So you should book your trek in advance to get your desired dates.

Climate during summer is very pleasant and even at night you can easily bear the cold and that the reason most of the tourists prefer to trek from Manali in Summers only.

If you wish to book a trek from Manali you can get the best price from most popular trekking companies in Manali by just filling your details here.


Trekking in Manali During Winters


Winter Treks in Manali are equally popular but they are not that crowded as Summer treks in Manali.

Only the hardcore trekking lovers come to Manali in winters to enjoy trekking from Manali.

There are various popular treks from that starts from Manali in winter and the beauty of those treks in winter is incomparable.

You will find snow everywhere and on the trekking trails, you may find 1-2 feet snow.

Most popular Winter trekking months near Manali are December, January, and February when you get lot of snow on all the treks.


Weekend Treks from Manali

To enjoy trekking you don’t need to take off from your office. If you are in Delhi-NCR you can easily take some amazing weekend treks from Manali and can easily join back the office on Monday.

Here are some of the most famous treks that you can take from Manali on Weekend.

Prashar Lake Trek, Bijli Mahadev Trek, Bhrigu Lake trek, Kheerganga trek and Beaskund trek

Manali Trekking Packages cost

Most of the weekend treks in Manali will cost you around 3000/- t0 5000/-. But it depends on what trekking company in Manali you choose to trek with.

If you trek solo then you can do the same trek in half of the cost, considering you have a good experience in trekking. Longer treks will cost as per the plans offered by these trekking companies in Manali.

If you wish to get some discount on your next trek in Manali then you can try using our form below where you can send your requirement to many trekking companies in Manali at once and get some discounted price on your next.

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