In this post, we will cover the best trekking places in Gujarat that you must try this 2022.

Gujarat, the star state of western India, known as Pratichya in old times, is now famous for its traditional clothing, food, and natural landscape, Asiatic lions, Rann of Kutch (White Desert), colorful handicrafts, festival, temples, and culture. With its colorful festivals, rich heritage, and scrumptious cuisine, it has become one of the most visited states in India. There are few hidden treks in Gujarat that we never knew existed.

We should definitely go trekking among its hills and forests to discover an almost unknown side of the state. The hills display a mantle of green, seasonal hilly springs, and brimming rivers add a silvery spark to the scenic beauty. Gujarat forest department has introduced eco camps in many areas which can be a base for exploring the surrounding areas. 

The unadulterated natural beauty of every destination will surely leave the trekkers in awe of nature.

Let’s find out the Top 5 treks in Gujarat for 2022:



Saputara is a peaceful hill station located in Sahyadris or the Western Ghats. Saputara town is part of the Dang district in Gujarat. It means ‘abode of the snakes’.

Pull away from the regular touristy paths and go trekking among the green hills post-monsoon. The trails to Rajat Pratap and to Tridhara near Dhupgarh are two of the popular trek routes. Parched with lush greenery, this man-made lake is popularly known for its boating activity.

This vicinity is surrounded by various children’s parks and playgrounds. If you are keen to study local culture, trekking to the Bhil and Warli tribal villages can be a rewarding experience. Experienced trekkers may go up to Hatgad Fort, about 3km away from Saputara Lake.



This sacred mountain also known as Revatak Parvata, rising dramatically from the plains, is covered with Jain and Hindu temples. Pilgrims come to tackle the long climb up 10,000 stone steps to the summit.

It has over 800 temples spread over its five summits, Start in the early hours of the morning as it can get very hot later in the day. Girnar Hill is believed to be the Nirvana bhumi of 22nd Tirthankara Lord Neminatha. A stone-built path connects the five summits.

The final 4,000 steps are said to be most tiring. You may cut short your ascent at any point. It is better to wait out the hottest part of the afternoon and then descend.


ZANZARI WATERFALL-trekking-in-gujarat
ZANZARI WATERFALL-trekking-in-gujarat

Originating from the Vartak River, near the village of Dabha (Bayad taluka of Aravalli district). About 12 km from Bayad, this beautiful place is situated 7 km south of Bayad-Dahegam Road.  Zanzari is a series of rapids with the main waterfall descending from a height of 25 meters.

The surrounding landscapes are a spectacular location for trekking. It is one place to enjoy a refreshing weekend getaway with family, while the waterfall gushes in its full glory during monsoon, there is a temple of Ganga Mata situated in this place where 24 hours Shivaji’s Abhishek is done by a spring.

A short 3.5 km trek from Dehgam will take you to the base of Zanzari Waterfall.



Sometimes the words fall short to describe the beauty of few places, and Polo Forest is one such destination. Some odd 159 km from Ahmadabad, there exists a magical land of Polo Forest. Vijaynagar Forest, on the Gujarat-Rajasthan border, is a lesser-known destination of Gujarat.

This lush green forest is said to be home to nearly 275 species of birds, 30 species of mammals, and 32 kinds of reptiles. Inside the forest, you will discover the ruins of the old Polo city. The name is said to have been derived from ‘pol’ or gateway.  Said to be established by the Parihar kings of Idar in the 10th century, it was conquered by the Rathod Rajputs of Mewar in the 15th century.

Gujarat Forest Department operates a campsite near the Vanaj Forest area, Harnav River, and Damsite. You can choose to take a bus from Geeta Mandir Bus Station to Idar (115 km). From Idar shared jeeps and private autos are available for Polo Forest, which is around 40 km away.



Situated in the Jasdan Taluka of Rajkot District, Hingolgadh Nature Education Sanctuary is the green lush patch of forest, which makes a contrast with the arid zone of neighboring areas of Saurashtra. The dry, deciduous scrub forest along with undulating verdant hills create a ubiquitous manifestation of nature’s glory.

During rains, the savannah lush grasslands blend with the green of the scrubby forest and perks up with various forms of life. The Sanctuary spread over an area of 654 sq km, it is home to a dense variety of fauna and avifauna. It is here that you can witness diverse wildlife species.

The sanctuary is managed by Gujarat Ecological Education and Research (GEER) Foundation. Around 50-100 Nature Education Camps are organized by the Foundation every year during the monsoon season.

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