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Triund Trek –  Himachal Pradesh

When it comes to trekking in India then Triund trek is one of those treks that every trekker must have done. Triund trek not just the most popular treks in the trekking community but, It’s probably the most famous Instagramable treks or Insta famous treks in India.

Located just 18kms from Dharamshala, Triund Trek makes are the perfect location for mountain lovers especially the first time trekkers. Most of the trail is steep ascents but still, as a beginner, you won’t find it much difficult.

Triund Trek Details

Trekking Difficulty: Easy
Trekking Trail Type: Forest trails with steep ascents
Trekking Duration: 2 days
Maximum Altitude: 10498 feet
Trekking Distance: 18 KMS

Triund Trek Gallery

Triund Trek Itinerary

Triund Trek Day -1: Reach Mcleodganj to start the trek.

Reach Mcleodganj as early as possible to that you can start your trek on the same day if you are doing this as a weekend trek. Otherwise, feel free to explore Mcleodganj on day 1 and then start early next day for the Triund Trek.

Once you reach the top you can get your tents set up and enjoy the Triund top beauty.

Triund Trek Day -2: Trek down and departure from Dharamshala.

Next morning you start trekking down from the Triund top and once you reach Mcleodganj you can rest for the day or directly get a bus to Dharamshala and explore that for the rest of the day or continue the journey via bus or train to your desired location.

Triund Trek Map


Triund Trek Permit 2019

Triund trek requires no prior permits from the authority but still need to carry your ID proof which you need to show and register at the starting point of trek. This helps authorities to check how many people are going up for the trek so that they can manage the crowd accordingly.

Best Time to Do Triund Trek

There are two main seasons for doing Triund Trek which can be divided into Summer Triund Trek and Winter Triund Trek.

Best time to do Summer Triund Trek is April – May – June.
Best time to do Winter Triund Trek is December – January – February.

Triund trek is actually open throughout the year but you should avoid during extreme cold and Monsoon season.

How difficult is Triund Trek?

Triund Trek is not difficult but if this is your first trek then you might find it difficult. No matter how easy a trek is, you need to have a certain level of physical fitness.

Triund trek is considered as one of the easiest treks in India but if you are not physically fit or you are about to do this trek without any prior preparation then you might going to face some issues.

Triund Trek accommodation options?

When you reach the Triund top you can pitch your own tent or you can get it on rent from the local vendors available on the top. You can also book government guest house but that is subject to availability.

Triund Trek Food Options?

Being highly popular trek in India. Triund top is now very commercialized. You can find many tea stalls and small food vendors on the trekking trails as well as on the top. So you will not find any issue of food on the trek as well as on the top.

Triund Trek packages and offers?

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