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Valley Of Flower Trek – Uttrakhand

Discovered as a trek in 1931 by Frank S. Smith, valley of flower is one of the most beautiful treks in India. Valley of flowers is in Uttarkashi, in the Northern part of India.

This trek is probably the most beautiful gift to mankind by nature with its wide variety of flowers you can see here on this trek. Every year around 300 spices of flowers can be found in the valley of flowers which makes this place a beautiful natural bouquet or you can say its a natural botanical garden.

Valley of flowers which is around 10km long and 2 km wide and was considered as a National Conservation Area in 1982.

Valley of Flower Trek Details

Trek Region:- Uttarakhand
Trek Duration:- 4 Days
Trek Difficulty:- Easy To Moderate
Max Altitude :- 14,100 Ft.
Trekking distance:- 37 Kms.

Valley Of Flower Trek Gallery

Valley Of Flowers Trek Itinerary

Valley of flower trek Day 1: Haridwar to Joshimath
If you are coming from Delhi then you can easily get a bus to Haridwar and then to Joshimath or directly from Delhi to Joshimath.

Valley of flower trek Day 2: Joshimath to Govindghat(Pulna) and Trek to Ghangharia
Next day take a bus or local shared cabs to Pulna which is around 40km from Joshimath and then reach Govindghat which is another 9-10 km from Pulna. You can do this 9km by trekking or hiring mules.

Valley of flower trek Day 3: Ghangaria to Valley of Flower and back to Ghangaria
Next day start your trek early in the morning from Ghangaria to the valley of flowers. This stretch is around 4-5 km long you will be trekking from 9800ft to 11500ft. Once you reach the valley of flowers you can spend some time and you need to trek back to Ghangaria on the same day because you can’t camp in the valley.

Valley of flower trek Day 4: Ghangaria to Hemkund Sahib and back to Ghangaria
This part is optional if you are on a weekend trek. But if you have time then make sure you visit Hemkund Sahib next day. Starting this trek from Ghangaria you need to trek for around 13km, but this time mules are available on this part of the trek.
Once you reach Hemkund Sahib you can stay in the Gurudwara (if you request the authorities) or you can trek back to Ghangaria to stay in your guest house.

Valley of flower trek Day 5: Ghangaria to Joshimath and then Haridwar
Starting early next day you need to follow the same route to reach back to Joshimath and then to Haridwar where you can get all the transport needed.

Valley of flowers trek difficulty

Valley of flowers treks is one of the most beautiful and considered to be an easy trek. But you need to understand few things to estimate the difficulty level of this trek. When we say that the trek is considered easy, It is easy as compared to other Himalayan treks.

People choose this trek considering that it’s an easy trek and they can do it easily but they neglect their own physical condition and other factors of this trek.

For example, when you start the valley of flower trek you are at around 6000ft and you need to trek to 11500ft to reach the valley of flower. If you are considering Hemkund Sahib as well then you will be trekking to 16000ft in just one day.

It’s a huge altitude difference and you need to check if you are physically fit for this altitude change.

Also as this trek is open mostly for July and August and that is the time when this region gets most of its rain. The trekking trail becomes very slippery. So, you need deal with that as well.

Valley of flowers Trek Map route

Valley of flowers trek best time to visit

The main reason people go on this trek is to see the natural flower valley of around 300 flowers. These flowers bloom from mid of July to around End of August. So the best to visit valley of flowers is last week of July or first week of August.
But this is the time when this place gets most of its rain so be ready for unexpected rain anytime during your trip, especially while trekking.

valley of flowers trek cost

Most of the trekking companies in India charge around 5000-8000 INR per person for this trek. But Valley of flowers is one for those treks that you can easily do it your self and can be done easily under 4000 INR without hiring any guide.

You anyway can’t camp in the valley so you don’t have to worry about the tent and porter and all those camping stuff. If you want you can easily go alone or in a group and complete this trek on your own.

Valley of flowers trek from delhi

If you are based in or around Delhi then you can easily get a bus directly to Joshimath from ISBT bus stand. If you choose to take a train then the Haridwar is the last station you choose and then you need to take a bus to Joshimath and then continue with the itinerary above.

Valley Of Flowers Trek From Pune / Mumbai / Banglore

If you are from Pune / Mumbai / Banglore or any metro city in Southern India then you first need to take a flight till Delhi or Dehradun and then reach Haridwar by bus and continue with the itinerary.

Valley of flowers trek package & Bookings

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